Oc Thanh Van stylish new car and the toy and new

Posted by Helios On Thursday, February 10, 2011 0 comments

Spending nearly 30 million procurement of wireless Hotspot, MC House Thanh Van sexy poses showing exciting new toy car.

Features with wireless data transmission quickly, the Mercedes-Benz connection InCar Hotspot is "toy" cool new artists to the world, especially the "stars" are using as a singer Mercedes House Thanh Van, singer Duc Tuan, singer Quang Dung ...

This device is installed in the luggage compartment of the vehicle and receivers through antennas available on the hood. To connect to the Internet, users simply connect the device wireless local area network such as laptops, mobile phones and new generation SIM cards activated for data transmission services.

Wave through the antenna on the hood, this system will support continuous connectivity and stability similar to most standard wireless connection else in the world. There are many features, but the price of wireless Internet connections Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot quite acrid, with more than 27.8 million (VAT).

Along her watch "House" what has the world's wireless internet on Mercedes: